The ILR Cornell Sports Business Society (ILRSBS) is an undergraduate student organization dedicated to educating and preparing its members, from across the entire university, for career opportunities in the sports industry. Additionally, ILRSBS strives to create a sense of community amongst its membership and build peer-to-peer and student-alumni relationships that last long after graduation.

We strive to achieve this mission through each of our 5 departments: speaker events (alumni and students who have had sports internships), the ILRSBS’s blog, the Sports Inc. magazine (which comes out every semester), a research department, and the ILRSBS’s radio show every Thursday. We believe that pushing out content is incredibly important and that it adds to the sports conversation. Our members should always feel comfortable stating their own opinion and willing to have an open dialogue with each other.

To join our listserv please contact Director of Operations Matthew Vani at mjv74@cornell.edu. For all other inquiries please contact one of the Co-Presidents Ben Gilman (bjg97@cornell.edu) or Alex Zalesne (az262@cornell.edu).

Read more about each of the departments below:

Speaker Events 

At Cornell, we are lucky to have the most established and comprehensive alumni base in the sports industry. Building on this alumni base, we have had the opportunity in the past to meet with sports leaders like Gary Bettman (NHL Commissioner), Rob Manfred (MLB Commissioner), Mark Tatum (NBA Deputy Commissioner), Jon Daniels (GM Texas Rangers), and Michael Levine (Co-Head, CAA Sports). Along with our semester event agenda, we also lead club-wide trips to the Ivy Sports Symposium and MIT Sports Analytics Conference.

If you are an alumni and are looking to get involved with our organization please contact Sarah Gilman at sjg263@cornell.edu. If you are a student looking to attend or contribute to one of our events please contact Ethan Kramer Gibbs at ec582@cornell.edu.


The ILRSBS Blog features an assortment of engaging articles on relevant current sports business topics from the navigating the NBA salary cap to international soccer to original baseball analytics research. The blog serves as a great way for students to publish their own ideas about the industry and have it read across university networks. If interested in contributing the blog please contact Skyler Kanfer at sak288@cornell.edu.


The ILRSBS Magazine is a semester publication titled Sports Inc. It serves as a space for our membership to publish and feature in-depth research and well-thought out ideas to advance the world of sport. The magazine can be found in the Office of Student Services and is distributed to alumni who come visit us on campus. If you are interested in getting a copy of a current or past magazine or would like to contribute to this spring’s magazine, please contact Karthik Sekharan at kns44@cornell.edu.


The ILRSBS Radio Show is broadcast Cornell Radio Olbermann-Corneliess Studios. The radio show offers our members an opportunity to share their thoughts on recent industry events across live airwaves, and prepare for future careers in sports media. If interested in learning more about the ILRSBS Radio Show please contact Ben Gilman at bjg97@cornell.edu. The radio show takes place on Thursday afternoons at 4:30 pm or 8 pm based on the week.